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We find the service very competent and friendly. Especially useful is the on-line account which enables us to track the performance of all of our investments whenever we want. This also gives full transparency of charges, which we have not had before.

John & Mel Stride |  Market Harborough

Due to government changes to pensions in 2015 I contacted Henry Spain Investment Services  at their Market Harborough branch. Their friendly and expert approach took all the hassle away from me as they arranged my pension fund. I find it extremely comforting to have their expertise at the end of the phone, or to be able to talk to them personally. After just over a year with them, my returns are vastly superior to any other investments available at the moment. Well done Tom and all at Henry Spain.

John Edwards |  Market Harborough 

At Henry Spain I have always been made to feel that my investments are in safe hands. Here you are not just an account number and as a client you are well looked after and valued. I would never hesitate to recommend their services be your portfolio large or small.

Tony Johnson |  Kibworth Beauchamp 

For the first time ever with a Financial Adviser I know exactly what they charge, and I know exactly what the return has been on our investment. Surprisingly that isn’t the norm from my experience. We have had a fantastic return on our investment which is the first time we have ever had that with a investment adviser.

Keith & Kath Lawson-West | Leicester

I put a small amount of money with them and all through the economic downturn the investments have stood their ground, in fact they have made a little bit of an improvement, so to have done that in the climate we have been through, I’m completely happy.

Jonathan Brookes |  Market Harborough

Having built up a trustworthy relationship with Tom Spain and his professional staff at Henry Spain Investment Services over a number of years, I had no hesitation in recommending friends and family to contact them to hear how Tom could assist in their Financial planning in a Friendly and Professional but most of all, successful environment.

John Danes | Narborough 

We have worked with Tom Spain since 2007 and have been delighted by the service and advice we have received. Tom meets with us regularly and keeps us up to date with our investments which provide us with a regular income. We would highly recommend him as someone you can trust and rely upon for good advice.

Douglas & Freda Rudge | Leicester

Tom Spain’s advice on my investments has been invaluable over the years! Helping me to create a tax free income and keeping my investments heading in the right direction through challenging markets. I would recommend him and his team to anyone needing quality advice.

Dorothea Livesley | Market Harborough

Personal service, professional and friendly; I’ve been made to feel that my investment goals really matter to the team and they see me as a person and not just a faceless account.

Geoffrey Liggins | Leicester

I love their honesty, integrity, and the way they look after you. I met Tom 12 years ago and he set up my future life, my pensions, my ISAs and they have far outperformed what I expected.

Raj Nataly |  Lutterworth

They are holding your future in their hands so you have to trust them and their judgements and that they’re honest with you and understand what you are going to need from your financial investments. I actually had a review yesterday and I am very thrilled and my mother has got investments with them too so I’m very pleased.
Amanda Brookes | Market Harborough

Trust is very important. I can rely on Tom to ring me when he wants to make changes and to discuss it. We have our reviews every 4-6 months and that is very important as well. I am fairly active in that I like to keep up with what’s going in my portfolio so I am often able to talk to Tom on that basis and I’m always happy and relieved that we think along the same lines.

Peter Ellement | Market Harborough

From the first meeting with my adviser, I immediately felt confident that I was getting the very best advice. His knowledge, and his ability to explain things in a manner that was easily understood was exceptional.
Backed up by the Henry Spain organisation I am confident that my investment is in the best possible place.

Stephen George | Oakham

I can strongly recommend Tom Spain and his excellent team as Financial Advisers, I lost my husband a year ago which was a pretty daunting time when sorting out my finances, but Tom was there to guide, support and advise me.  Over the last year if I have had any concerns about my investments or needed something explaining to me, I have only needed to pick the phone up for reassurance in person or over the phone alongside my regular reviews.

Karen Collier | Market Harborough

Having heard all kinds of stories about Pensions, I was of course a bit sceptical about doing anything at all with my own, I was in the situation where I had 3 or 4 older pensions with different providers, and I needed advice on what was best for myself and my family going forward. My adviser and the team at Henry Spain have been and still are extremely professional, deliberate and completely dedicated to my needs and fully understand what I need from my retirement. My adviser has always taken the time and effort to get a full understanding of my situation, my attitude towards risk and what I need and require for the future.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending their services to some of my good friends and colleagues and have done this already and even got feedback from them very recently as to how good the advice is. There are no concerns at all as long as you bear in mind that this kind of investment is a long term situation and values can go up and down, but stay with it, listen to their advice and knowledge, you will not be disappointed.

Greg Moore | Oakham

I was looking for solid, independent advice in pension planning when I set up my own business and Tom gave me guidance on the best way, I could invest my existing pension for improved returns alongside advice on how I can best manage future investments into that pension. Even with a turbulent market, I have to say that my returns have far exceeded my expectations and I can’t fault the service and communication from Tom.

Mike Annable | Oakham

Previous to Tom’s help, my wife and I had run our portfolios ourselves. With retirement approaching we couldn’t afford any costly mistakes, so we decided to seek professional advice. Tom and his team, by means of detailed questioning, determined our attitude to risk and our expectations and invested our money in a manner that was appropriate to our requirements. Even with investments going up and down our portfolio is typically up 10%.

Paul Anderson | Market Harborough

I was preparing myself for an early retirement and so needed to consolidate my pension funds, Tom and his team gave me great advice, built trust, never applied pressure, and were extremely professional and responsive. The initial period was slow but since retiring at the end of March 2019, performance has improved and is giving a solid return.

Peter Houselander | Market Harborough

I was let down by my previous financial adviser, but I was recommended by a friend and a family member to seek advice from Tom. He explained everything very clearly and put my mind at rest with my investments. I have been delighted with the investment returns and would recommend Tom to anyone seeking financial advice, there’s nothing that Tom could improve on and I have achieved the outcome I was looking for.

Chrystal Harris | Market Harborough

I was looking for a financial adviser to help with retirement planning, I needed clear and practical advice regarding pension investments. With not having the time or inclination to manage my SIPP, I needed someone that I could trust and that I know, could act in my best interests. Tom has fitted the bill to a ‘T’, he has met all my expectations and helped me to learn a lot along the way.  

Steve Ablett | Market Harborough

I was looking to identify a new financial adviser, I had lost confidence in my previous firm that they were successfully giving my tailored advice or reviewing my investments. Tom conducted a detailed assessment to understand my investment objectives, understanding of financial services and my approach to risk. These allowed us to build an ongoing relationship to deliver a better outcome for my investments in line with my other circumstances and my approach. I am seeing the results I expect to date, with a longer term planning horizon I also have confidence that continuing to work with Tom will give me a better chance of continuing to deliver results.

Richard Bailey | Market Harborough

When I lost my husband, I found I had quite a lot of money and needed advice. I was recommended to Tom and I have never regretted it. He advised me on various plans which he spent time explaining to me and reassured me that there was no pressure and no rush. I have definitely had the outcome I wanted and there is nothing he could have done better; he always takes the time to explain things which I really appreciate.

Jennifer Butlin | Market Harborough

We were looking for a financial adviser as we were dissatisfied with our bank’s administration of our savings. Mr Spain arranged the transfer of our funds, making the operation largely stress free. The investments he chose for us have given far better rewards, and our regular interviews with him have been positive, helpful and enjoyable. We feel that our custom is valued, and our savings are in safe hands.

Linda Butt | Market Harborough

I was looking for a financial adviser as I was not fully satisfied with my previous adviser. As a result of a positive initial meeting with Tom I took the step to move my investments to Henry Spain some years ago. Tom reviewed and constructed a refreshed portfolio in a professional and knowledgeable manner. I have not been disappointed as I have built up a trustworthy and professional relationship and I consider Tom to be knowledgeable and he always have the interest of my portfolio in mind. I would recommend anyone to contact Henry Spain Investment Services to assist in their financial planning.

Malcolm Bonser | Market Harborough

I was looking for independent advice about what to do with my pension, I was worried and confused about who to trust for such an important decision. Tom and his team at Henry Spain investigated the pros and the cons of moving my Defined Benefit Pension. Everything has been fully explained in a professional and helpful way. My trust in their work has grown as much as my investments have grown over the past couple of years and I have no hesitate in recommending Tom to my friends and family, to see if Henry Spain’s financial planning service can help them too.

Pat Waring | Market Harborough

I was looking to retire early and wanted to be sure that I would have sufficient funds to support myself and my wife who had become seriously ill. I was interested in FAD as a means of accessing TFC to clear the mortgage on our home. Tom clearly set out the options for me and provided forecasts for investment growth and expected levels of income during retirement. We have achieved the outcome we were looking for as the mortgage has been cleared and the investments had been put in place for financial security for the future. Tom did a great job.

James Gardener | Market Harborough

I needed advice from a professional because of a frozen pension. My adviser discussed my requirements for the future and understood the need to increase the level of growth. By recommending the strategy to achieve my desired return he has also been on hand when the markets have taken a downturn. To date I am very happy with the position of my pension with thanks to my adviser.

Steve Gray | Market Harborough

After having major issues and problems in addition to poor advice from a previous adviser, my Henry Spain adviser reviewed my current portfolio and advised me on how to best deal with the outstanding issues. My Henry Spain adviser is very professional, informed and proactive in addition to providing excellent advice and good communications. My Henry Spain adviser couldn’t have done anything better at this stage

David Farrar | Market Harborough

I was looking for a financial adviser after my husband died as I really felt I need help with my finances. Tom listened and really took an interest in me as a person which made me feel very confident. I feel in safe hands and I don’t think that they could do any better, the service is very friendly and professional, and I got the outcome I was looking for, thank you so much.

Christina Baker | Market Harborough


I was becoming increasingly worried about my pension portfolio’s performance; with increasing fees and low performance it was time to seek another financial adviser as I was concerned for myself and my wife’s future.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Tom upfront and clear regarding fee charges, this was a big thing for us as the previous adviser tried to include hidden charges. Tom gave us sound advice with investing the pension portfolio and also to maximise the tax benefits when drawing down from the pension fund, this allowed us to plan for our future. I have been more than happy with the performance of my portfolio, especially during the turbulent times of the last couple of years. We have had regular meeting with Tom where we discuss any changes that we need to make to meet our financial needs. Tom also provides seminars that give helpful knowledge of the future forecasts of the money markets.

Ian Gould | Market Harborough

My husband and I were looking for a financial adviser as we had multiple pensions in different places, and we wanted more flexibility for our retirement. We discussed with my adviser what we wanted to achieve with our retirement and how we would like to support our children in the future. My adviser then discussed the options we had which matched our attitude to risk so we can achieve what we want. So far, we have changed one pension account and are looking to build on this moving forward with my adviser’s help. We are very cautious, and he is respecting that whilst striving for the best outcomes for us. My adviser is very patient and repeats things when I get lost in the jargon, so I am learning along the way.

Jo Appleton | Oakham

I had a number of personal pension plans and a savings plan and had never had an independent professional review upon any of these. The severe movements of the global markets at the end of 2018 made me nervous and I needed an assessment and advice as I was nearing an age where I could access my policies. I also needed additional advice on whether to amalgamate some of my pensions. My adviser contacted all of my policy providers and was able to assemble the relevant information in a much quicker period than I had envisaged. My adviser presented a very thorough review of all aspects of my finances and detailed projection of my probable pension income. Our review also identified a particularly onerous, long term, savings plan upon which my adviser has spent a lot of additional time to enable me to withdraw from the plan. Throughout this process my adviser has maintained regular contact and has continually offered any additional assistance that I might require and has always been readily accessible. My adviser was very useful with assessing and facilitating my year end pension contribution and associated government contribution.

I have more confidence in the diversified policy that my adviser has arranged for me than with the large pension providers that simply take a fee for their services without the transparency of how much they are taking and without any real advice if your wanted to transfer to another fund. I receive a full breakdown with every investment listed together with performance summaries and fee analysis and I could change any element of my investment rather than having it all dumped into one fund which is my experience with pensions arranged for me by previous employers’ schemes.

Stephen Crook | Uppingham

My wife and I had been looking for an independent adviser to review our long-term pension plan and to also help move our work-based pensions. Tom talked us through the process, listened to our needs and was clear on our options, next steps and fees. We have known Tom and his team for around 10 years, and we get regular reviews to meet our needs.

Gerard Campbell | Market Harborough

I needed help to transfer my pension from its previous provider and so I wanted a professional’s help, my adviser gave me good advice on how to move my pension and he explained to me my pension provision clearly. I have seen the outcome I hoped for and I feel confident in that advice that I have received from my adviser, thank you for your help so far.

Suzanne Jones | Oakham