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How we can help you

Offering exemplary service for all customers is core to our service proposition and includes:

  • Independent local financial advice
  • A clear and transparent charging structure
  • Regular face to face reviews
  • Simplification of investment administration 
  • Free initial consultations 
  • Home or office visits
  • Online access to track your investments

Investment management

Our Discretionary Managed Service takes care of the day-to-day management of your portfolio allowing you to have peace of mind that we are taking full advantage of investment opportunities as they arise. An investment portfolio is tailored to your specific needs and will be within agreed parameters that aim to meet your investment objectives. We closely monitor the performance of your investments in line with our latest research and best conviction ideas from the extensive global research we draw upon. All clients have the option to benefit from ongoing face to face reviews with a personalised service from your own investment manager assigned to make sure there is continuity of service.You can also monitor your portfolio securely online where you can produce valuations and reports to demonstrate ongoing returns from each investment within your portfolio. Our investment approach is driven by time tested principles of focussed quality research, portfolio diversification and a disciple long-term horizon. In an ever changing market, we still believe in building portfolios of enduring quality and helping clients to avoid the pitfalls that erode wealth.


Taking control of your retirement does not need to be complicated. We start by understanding how much income you will need in retirement and work back to show you how much you either need to save or achieve in investment returns to meet your goal.

Our cash flow reports help to identify how much of your retirement income target is already covered and what you need to do to achieve your objectives. We also will review your current pensions to make sure these funds are invested in the right way to match your goals for retirement and take advantage of tax planning rules to get you to your goals early. We specialise in creating a retirement income that will help you spend more time doing the things you worked so hard to enjoy with the assurance your funds are invested wisely to match your objectives.

Inheritance tax planning

At Henry Spain Investment Services we specialise in helping our clients pass on their wealth as tax efficiently as possible. Inheritance tax (IHT) is effectively a tax on wealth. It is payable to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on money or possessions you leave behind when you die, and on some gifts you make during your lifetime. Protecting against this tax allows individuals to pass on more of their assets to future generations. It is important to note that Inheritance Tax does not apply to everyone, so to review your situation and get the right advice for you and your family why not arrange a meeting or download our free guide on inheritance tax planning today.