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Online: Value Investing Course

Value Investing Course: Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett’s methods

(in 10 half-hour talks)

Professor Glen Arnold, PhD. IMC, author of the UK’s bestselling investment book, is offering a 10-session online course, designed to build attendees knowledge of the ideas of great investors Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.

The key principles of their approaches are explained along with evidence of success coming from this way of investing. While the ideas are easy to absorb they are not always easy to put into practise – we’ll look at ways of improving implementation. 

Each session will consist of a 20 minute live online lecture followed by 10 minutes of questions.

Professor Arnold taught these ideas to fund managers and analysts at Schroders for many years.

He also focused the minds of the university PhD students he supervised on the question, “What really works in investment?”, who came up with some very interesting findings.

He now runs a Managed Portfolio Service at Henry Spain Investment Services.

The cost of all ten sessions is £120 + VAT.  Professional development accredited.

Each attendee will receive a copy Professor Arnold’s book The Great Investors.

Future 10-session courses will examine related investment topics, with the level of sophistication taken up a step.

Sign up to book a place please email: info@henryspain.co.uk

(The bestseller is The Financial Times Guide to Investing. He has also authored The Great Investors; The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing; The Deals of Warren Buffett, Volumes 1, 2 and 3.)

Dr Glen Arnold

Client portfolios hold the same shares as Dr Arnold’s personal portfolio. Glen is part of the Investment Committee and is renowned for his authoring the following books:

The Financial Times Guide to Investing, The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing, The Deals of Warren Buffett: Vol 1: The first $100m, The Deals of Warren Buffett, Vol 2: The making of a billionaire; The Deals of Warren Buffett, Vol 3: The making of America’s largest company, The Great Investors, Get Started in Shares, Corporate Financial Management, Modern Financial Markets and Institutions, Essentials of Corporate Financial Management, ​The Financial Times Handbook of Corporate Finance, The Financial Times Guide to Financial Markets, The Financial Times Guide to Banking, The Financial Times Guide to Bond and Money Markets.

Henry Spain UK Value MPS

These ideas are used by Glen when managing the UK Value Managed Portfolio Service for clients.

The Key Risks To Consider Before Investing:

  • Risk to Initial Capital: There is no guarantee that the capital will be protected given this 100% equity strategy.

Given the potential risks these investments should only be considered in specific circumstances and would not be suitable to all investors. To speak to one of our advisers about whether this solution would be suitable for you, contact us today.