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Professor Glen Arnold

Dr Glen Arnold

Client portfolios hold the same shares as Dr Arnold’s personal portfolio. Glen is a member of the Investment Committee and is renowned for his authoring the following books:

The Financial Times Guide to Investing, The Financial Times Guide to Value Investing, The Deals of Warren Buffett: Vol 1: The first $100m, The Deals of Warren Buffett, Vol 2: The making of a billionaire; The Deals of Warren Buffett, Vol 3: The making of America’s largest company, The Great Investors, Get Started in Shares, Corporate Financial Management, Modern Financial Markets and Institutions, Essentials of Corporate Financial Management, ​The Financial Times Handbook of Corporate Finance, The Financial Times Guide to Financial Markets, The Financial Times Guide to Banking, The Financial Times Guide to Bond and Money Markets.

Books Published by Dr Glen Arnold

Financial Times Guide to Investing, The: The Definitive Companion to Investment and the Financial Markets (The FT Guides)


The Financial Times Guide to Investing is the definitive introduction to the art of successful stock market investing by debunking the myth that investing is only for the wealthy.


Bestselling author Glen Arnold covers the basics of what investors do and why companies need them, through to the practicalities of buying and selling shares and how to make the most from your money. Learn how to understand different types of investment vehicles, pick the right companies and understand their accounts so you can compile and manage a sophisticated portfolio.

The fourth edition of this investing classic has been thoroughly updated and will give you everything you need to choose your shares with skill and confidence.

New for this edition:

Updated insights into the inner workings of stock markets, new accounting rules and dangers to watch out for when looking for investment gems
Recent Financial Times articles, and the latest statistics to illustrate and expand on case studies and examples
Detailed updates of changes to tax rules and rates

The Deals of Warren Buffett: Vol 1: The first $100m

It took the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, nearly four decades to make his first $100m. The Deals of Warren Buffett – Volume 1 charts the series of investments that made up that journey.

In revealing detail, and with a lucid descriptive style, experienced author and investor Glen Arnold explains Buffett’s thinking behind these investment deals and shows how his cumulative returns compounded his wealth over time.

In this formative period, from 1941-78, Buffett developed and honed the investment philosophy that would lead him to become so successful as his career progressed. But it was not all plain sailing – Buffett made mistakes along the way – and Arnold shows how Buffett learned through success and failure how to select companies worth backing. Arnold also includes insightful ‘learning points’ at the end of each chapter, which reveal how investors can learn from the craft of Warren Buffett to improve their own investing.

Investments featured in this first volume include: GEICO, American Express, Disney, Berkshire Hathaway, See’s Candies, and The Washington Post.

With stories and analysis drawn from decades of investing experience, join Glen Arnold and delve deeper in The Deals of Warren Buffett!

We Are Currently Running An Online Value Investing Course

The Key Risks To Consider Before Investing:

  • Risk to Initial Capital: There is no guarantee that the capital will be protected given this 100% equity strategy.

Given the potential risks these investments should only be considered in specific circumstances and would not be suitable to all investors. To speak to one of our advisers about whether this solution would be suitable for you, contact us today.